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Academic Achievement

USM students consistently achieve high test scores relative to their peers locally, regionally, and across the nation.
USM continues to be a leader, both locally and nationally, in ACT exam performance.

As depicted below, 18 of the 76 seniors in the Class of 2013 have been recognized by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. That's 23.7% of USM seniors versus 2.7% at the best area public high school.

USM leads southeastern Wisconsin with 13 seniors being named National Merit Semifinalists. We also lead the state in the percentage of the class who has earned this special recognition.

In 2012, 92% of USM students sitting for AP exams achieved a qualifying score, compared to 68% across the state and 66% across the nation.

In the past five years, USM has consistently produced some of the highest numbers of students in the area recognized in the top categories of AP scholarship: the National Scholars and Scholars with Distinction. In 2012, 72 USM students were recognized by the AP Program:
In addition to stellar performances on AP exams, USM students have a high level of committment to their AP coursework as demonstrated by the percentage of students taking an exam and the number of exams each students completes.

In November 2011, third-graders (now our current fourth-graders) took the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam (WKCE). This statewide test is given in Wisconsin public schools every fall to ensure state academic standards are being met and measure proficiency levels of certain subject areas. USM elected to have our students also complete the exam in the areas of reading and mathematics.

Our students received no additional preparation or instruction to ensure good exam performance, yet the results show that 100% of our third-graders tested at the Proficient or Advanced level. Additionally, as you can see in the bar graphs below, USM continues to outrank our neighbor schools in both reading and mathematics.

The Educational Records Bureau (ERB) achievement tests reflect a student's performance under standardized conditions during one week of school. The results below reflect the scores on the November 2012 tests.

Our students consistently perform above the levels of the suburban and national norm groups, and our outstanding fourth-grade ERB scores demonstrate our students’ readiness to move ahead to Middle School.