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Board of Trustees

The University School of Milwaukee Board of Trustees is comprised of alumni, parents, and other community members whose vision and knowledge have a great impact on USM, both today and in the future.
2018-19 Executive Committee
President: Andrew A. Petzold
Executive Vice President: Stephen B. Guy
Vice President: Sarah O. Zimmerman '92
Secretary: Karin Werner
Treasurer: Gregory Smith

2018-19 Trustees
John Bonnell
Melanie Booth
Charles W. Brennan '86
Jackie Darr
Michael W. Darrow '86
Michael M. Grebe '85
Sumeeta Krishnaney '92
Bruce Lee '81
Tamora Martin
Mary Jane Martinez
Charles A. Mellowes '87
Brigid Miller
Elmer Moore Jr.
Linda Mutschler
Kara Nelson
Michael Pokel
Anne Reed
Catherine Robinson
Frederick P. Stratton III '92
Erskine R. Tucker Jr. '79
Michael C. Williams '70

Ex Officio
Head of School: Laura J. Fuller
Parents' Association President: Sara LeBrun-Blashka
Alumni Association President: Andy Gordon '98
Front row, from left: Anne Reed; Sarah O. Zimmerman '92, vice president; Sumeeta Krishnaney '92; Jackie Darr; Brigid Miller

Second row, from left: Melanie Booth; Kara Nelson; Catherine Robinson; Linda Mutschler; Laura J. Fuller, head of school (ex officio); Andrew A. Petzold, president

Third row, from left: Michael W. Darrow '86; Frederick P. Stratton III '92; Karin Werner, secretary; Mary Jane Martinez; Tamora Martin; Michael C. Williams '70; Stephen B. Guy, executive vice president

Back row, from left: Michael M. Grebe '85; Michael Pokel; Charles W. Brennan '86; Gregory Smith, treasurer; John Bonnell

Not pictured: Bruce Lee '81; Charles A. Mellowes '87; Elmer Moore Jr.; Erskine R. Tucker Jr. '79
Prekindergarten (age 3) - Grade 12 • Independent • Coeducational
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