Student Success

At University School of Milwaukee, we work to ensure that all students are set up for success. In 2019, USM welcomed Dr. Gina Haughton in the newly created role of director of equity and student success. The role focuses on support and guidance for new students and current students who may need extra support, and also supports the success of families and teachers at USM. Haughton works collaboratively with USM's administration, including each of the division heads. In addition, she assists the College Guidance office with support for these students as they prepare for college.

Student and Family Support

At USM, students, families, faculty, and staff are supported through several different initiatives:
  • The annual New Family Orientation, held in August, both welcomes families and informs them about USM's culture and traditions prior to the start of the new year. Subsequent support workshops for families are embedded throughout the year.
  • The director of student success works closely with new students—as well as their families, teachers, and administrators at their former schools—to identify ways to help them get adjusted and comfortable at USM.
  • The director of student success holds regular lunches with new students, where they are able to eat and chat together in a comfortable, supportive environment to learn more about USM, share experiences, and receive advice from other students.
  • As part of the new Alumni Mentoring Program, interested students are paired with USM alumni who can provide self-advocacy, identity, and social/emotional support.
  • Students are given surveys about connections they have to peers and adults on campus. Based on the survey data, the director creates teams of support around the students to help them feel comfortable and connected while at USM.

Teacher Support

The director of students success also supports students by supporting classroom teachers with best practices related to planning and implementing engaging, differentiated lessons, varied assessments, and cultural responsiveness. The director meets with teachers from all grade levels and helps support their professional goals, observes teacher's instruction in classrooms in order to provide feedback and guidance, and collects data to create plans to support any students with academic or behavioral needs.

College Guidance

The role also supports the College Guidance office to aid student success beyond USM. The director assists first-generation college students through the application process, as well as the various processes for financial aid and scholarship opportunities, and works with these students to develop the life skills needed to be successful in college. The director supports the College Guidance staff by helping students and families find the "best fit" schools based on their individual priorities and needs.
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