Educational technology is an integral part of the teaching and learning process at USM. The School recognizes the need for developmentally appropriate technology to fully empower learning, while still keeping in mind that interactions between students and teachers remain a foundational component of education.

Allowing students and faculty to connect, collaborate, and communicate—both within the classroom and with the global community—is critical to today’s educational environment. Technology has the potential to transform the learning experience, allowing students to go beyond the role of consumers of information to being producers of digital content created from many different ideas and subject areas that can be shared with anyone, anywhere.

Having access to and familiarity with the latest technology offers our students a broad range of learning opportunities. In our Foreign Language classes, for example, students take virtual trips via Skype and other technologies to counties around the world—allowing them to acquire language skills and global awareness in authentic and engaging ways.

Knowing how to access, analyze, and evaluate the ever-growing amounts of information available via technology is also an essential skill for today’s modern students. At USM, we prepare students to be a part of today’s increasingly interconnected world. Students in all divisions are exposed to the tools they will need to become 21st century learners, citizens, and leaders.

Additionally, because of the proliferation of technology both in school and at home, USM stresses the importance of Internet safety and digital citizenship by engaging students and parents in educational sessions throughout the year.

USM’s technology-rich environment includes:

  • 1:1 Program for grades 2–12
  • computer labs 
  • laptop carts 
  • faculty laptops 
  • interactive whiteboard technology 
  • campus-wide wireless Internet access
Prekindergarten (age 3) - Grade 12 • Independent • Coeducational
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