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1:1 Program

Launched in 2012, the 1:1 Program reflects University School of Milwaukee’s commitment to prepare students for the 21st century. Its implementation evolved directly from USM’s mission to “embrace the challenges and opportunities of the future” in an equitable, student-centered, and forward-thinking learning community.

Through our 1:1 Program, students in grades 3-12 use a dedicated personal computing device throughout the school day and beyond.
  • Students in grades 3-5 use family-owned iPads. 
  • Students in grades 6-8 use family-owned MacBook Pro or Air laptops. 
  • Students in grades 9-12 bring their own personal device.
To ensure our students’ online safety, USM has installed firewalls to block inappropriate content and teacher supervision in the classroom is supplemented by many different applications that allow teachers to view the screens of their students and access a history of sites visited. Students and parents must also sign Acceptable Use Policies to ensure the tools are used in an appropriate manner.

Technology in the Curriculum

Google Apps is web-based tool that is managed by the School and used with all students in the 1:1 Program. The Google suite of applications includes documents, sites, and email.

Students utilize Google Documents to create drafts, presentations, spreadsheets, and forms that can be shared within our community and beyond. Students can work within the same document simultaneously with their classmates or with students across the globe.

Google Sites serve as an online web-creation/portfolio tool for our students. For example, the Environmental Action Team (EAT) has a Google Site to share information regarding their mission and activities.

Google Email is a tool that students use for educational purposes. We guide students in the use of email from a young age, so they become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of that form of communication and learn how to leverage and use it effectively.

Evernote is a software tool students use to take and organize notes and annotated documents.

Voicethread is a web-based tool that enables students to create, comment on, and share audio/visual projects with teachers and students in our community and beyond.

How Does the 1:1 Program Benefit Students?

Research indicates that when students use their own personal device, the potential exists to improve and extend learning by:
  • offering a classroom environment where collaboration and creation are paramount   
  • allowing for different teaching paradigms 
  • providing students opportunities to participate in lessons off campus or review lessons multiple times afterward to reinforce the material 
  • empowering students with access to resources, people, and content, extending learning beyond the walls of the classroom 
  • increasing opportunities for teachers to assess students informally during class 
  • helping students organize their learning materials on one device - including electronic textbooks and binders, notes, video, audio, and graphics 
  • preparing students to be skilled technology users

Why a 1:1 Program?

The 1:1 Program goals support USM’s Academic Technology Philosophy, as it will help provide students with ACCESS:

Autonomy to 
  • Create  
  • Collaborate  
  • Explore  
  • Support all learners  
  • Share with the global community 

ACCESS will continue to frame how technology will support learning at USM.
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