Lower School Tower Projects

Students held virtual presentations of their projects on Wednesday, June 3. Click here to view a recording of the students' presentations!

Many thanks to Laura Blanchet, Katelyn Peter, Kelley Sovol, and Leandra Zdrojewski, 4th grade teachers, and all who served as student mentors.

Student NameProject Topic
Ainsley Constellations
Analise Crocodiles
Angel How Cars are Designed and Made
Aristotle Biomechanics
Ashleigh Hockey
Austin NBA & WNBA Comparison
Bella Is there life on other planets?
Belle Service Dogs
Benji Pencils
Blythe Biodiversity in Costa Rica
Callyn Plastics in the Ocean
Cannon Complement System (immune)
Caroline Octopuses
Carson Alexander Hamilton
Carter Hip Hop Music
Charley Fashion designers
Charlie Evolution of televisions/broadcasting
Charlie Theft of Mona Lisa
Claire Ventriloquism
Cliff History of Baseball
Connor Soccer VAR
David Karate
Delaney The Titanic
Dylan Apollo Program
Elizabeth Greece (past & present)
Elliot Ancient Egyptian Civilization
Emery How music affects your brain
Esme Climate change affecting animals
F.R. Jupiter
George Titanic
Gosha Bugatti
Grace Coral reefs
Grady Greek Mythology
Graham Egyptian Mythology
Harper Hawaii
Henry Burj Khalifa
Ian Soccer
Iris Kepler 452b
Jacek Solar System
Jack Rods and Reels
James Baseball physics
Jason RC cars
Jayin Fires in the Amazon
Jaylen Eddie Van Halen
Jind Dan Gutman
Jo History of the Olympics
Kadeen Spacecrafts
Kate Ancient Greek Statues
Keegan Runningbacks
Lauren Triops
Lila AC/DC
Luke Roman Engineering
Maddie Tardigrades (water bears)
Maggie Blood/Blood types
Maryam The Atom Bomb
Mikaela Roger Federer
Mimi Chihuahuas
Monica Plastic in the Oceans
Myles Milky Way Galaxy
Natalie Dusty Button (current dancer)
Nathan The History of Nintendo
Nick Foxes
Nico Prehistoric Sea Creatures
Nora Bernese Mountain Dog
Nora Endangered Species
Penelope Kindness and Its Effects on the Brain/Body
PJ Hamilton
Ray The History of Chess
Rose Women's Rights
Ryan Civil War and Battle of Gettysburg
Saffy Alexander Hamilton
Sammy Castles/Battle formations
Savvy Sloths
Simran Pitching
William Robotics
Xavier Fishing
Yousef Cars in Other Countries
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