Alumni Service Award

The Alumni Service Award was created in 1984. The award is given to an alumnus/a by the University School of Milwaukee Alumni Association Board of Directors in grateful recognition of achievements in working toward the betterment of USM and the community which it serves. The award is given annually at USM's end of school honors assembly.

The 2019 winner of the Alumni Service Award is Libby MDS'55 and Jim MCDS'55 Wigdale.

Alumni Service Award Recipients

2019 Libby MDS'55 and Jim MCDS'55 Wigdale
2018 Robert Burch MUS'52
2017 Rick Stratton '92 and Margy Stratton-Norman '84
2016 Michael Williams '70
2015 Tom Parker '79 
2014 Tom Florsheim '76
2013 C. Frederick Geilfuss II '71
2012 Carla Campbell Bartlett '78
2010 Dr. William P. LeFeber '72
2009 Harold M. Stratton II '67
2007 Marye (Marnie) Read Tuttle MDS'51 and Thomas N. Tuttle MCDS'45
2006 Carl F. John MCDS'46
2005 Ann Larson Gallagher '66
2004 Trudie Viall Kloppenburg MDS'50
2003 Charlie Wright '68
2002 Jim Steinman MCDS'45**
2001 Marion Chester Read MDS'37
2000 William C. Hansen MCDS'64
1999 Janie Woodland Asmuth '68
1998 Geoffrey G. Maclay Jr. '65 and Geoffrey G. Maclay Sr.*
1997 Polly Haebler Van Dyke MDS'51
1996 Henry H. Uihlein Sr. MCDS'39
1995 James D. Bell MUS'58
1994 Kenneth Jacobs Jr. MCDS'41, Mary Lee Cottrell Jacobs MDS'45, Kathy Jacobs Housiaux '68, and Kip Jacobs '74
1993 Susie Woodland Kasten MDS'60
1992 Linda Mellowes*
1991 George M. Chester MCDS'40
1990 Stephen S. Becker MCDS'64
1989 Barbara Nunnemacher McCallum MUS'42
1988 Patricia Stratton Schroeder MDS'59
1987 William C. Messinger MCDS'33
1986 Ralph C. Inbusch, Jr. MUS'40
1985 Douglas Seaman MCDS'39
1984 Linda Stephenson MDS'59 and Frederick Stratton Jr. MCDS'57

*Awarded to a non-alum
**Jim Steinman MCDS'45, Received the Alumni Merit Award in 2002
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