Lower School Arts

In Lower School, the arts are integrated into classroom lessons and are studied in relation to history and cultures.

The Lower School dance program guides students in grades 1-4 in the creative use of the basic elements of movement. Students become engaged in body awareness and movement exploration that promotes a recognition and appreciation of self and others.

Younger Lower School students experience music as part of a hands-on curriculum that includes songs, rhythmic chants, and movement. As students progress in Lower School, they learn about basic reading and music notation, composing, and how to improvise simple melodies. Several performances are held during the year.

Visual Arts
Formal art instruction with a certified art teacher begins in first grade, where students learn techniques, processes, and functions of media in a variety of subject matter. The arts become a way for students to make connections between disciplines and to grow in self-expression.

In the Lower School Docent Program, beginning in first grade, students have the opportunity to become docents for a day. After making several visits to the Milwaukee Art Museum and watching docents model how to present pieces of art, students prepare and present their own speech on a work of art of their choosing.
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