Middle School Arts

Middle School students in grades 5-8 study the fine arts in the required arts courses, as well as in electives.

Every Middle School student participates in the drama program. The program gives students the chance to find their individual voices and take risks. Drama classes focus on live performance and improvisation. Students gain experience in public speaking, creative expression, scene study, and theatre history. They also learn about the design process and technical vocabulary of costumes, scenery, makeup, lighting, and sound. The Middle School presents two drama productions each year—one play and one musical—providing extracurricular opportunities for interested students.

Students study general music, listening and responding to a variety of genres and styles representative of world cultures. They also learn about music history, literacy, and composition as they prepare for concerts or optional competitions, or complete music assignments. Continuing to explore and develop their knowledge of music, students may elect a performance group according to their interest and ability levels. 

Visual Arts
Visual arts experiences give students opportunities to explore the power of imagery to convey emotions, concepts, values, and cultures. The curriculum covers instruction in art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and art production. Students create art through a variety of techniques and are expected to maintain a working art binder that includes assignments, notes, sketches, critiques, and reflections.
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