Upper School Arts

All Upper School students participate in fine arts. Extensive opportunities in drama, music, and the visual arts provide experiences that lead to the refinement of skills and expression. Teachers emphasize both the craft and the content of the arts through history, analysis, criticism, and aesthetics.

The Upper School curriculum focuses on employing higher-order thinking and analysis. Students work as both individuals and in ensembles building characters and practicing creative problem solving, while gaining hands-on experience in scene creation, stagecraft, and technology. Three drama productions are presented each year: a fall play, winter musical, and an evening of experimental one-act plays in the spring.

Students study music through a variety of elective opportunities, including orchestra, band, and choir. Students in these performing groups continue to develop playing and singing skills that allow them to learn to communicate at a proficient level in music and have an informed acquaintance with exemplary works of music from a variety of cultures and historical periods.

Visual Arts
A wide variety of courses are available to students, including drawing, painting, sculpture, metalsmithing, and photography. Cross-disciplinary projects focus on the cultural and artistic elements of various eras. For the serious art student, the AP Studio Art class offers the opportunity to prepare materials for college applications.
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