Panelists Address Housing Insecurity in Milwaukee

As part of their community engagement program, sophomores heard from a panel of experts recently about housing insecurity in the Milwaukee area. The experts were Philip Connelly, director of housing, Guest House of Milwaukee; and Shayla Moore, graduate intern therapist, Walkers Point Youth & Family Center.

Students learned about the causes of housing insecurity, actions that area organizations are taking to help, and ways they can get involved and help. Students also had the opportunity to ask questions of the panelists.

Throughout the year, the sophomore class has been exposed to issues that affect Milwaukee and other areas, such as educational injustices, food insecurity and hunger, housing insecurity and homelessness, and poverty. They also learned about the unique needs, challenges, and opportunities of people with developmental disabilities watched several documentary movies to learn about these issues, heard from panels on each issue, and held a Valentine’s Day card-making event for adults with developmental disabilities.
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