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Seventh-grade Students Recreate Victorian London

Seventh-grade students invited guests to travel back in time for a first-hand look at what life was like in Victorian London during the Dickens Streets of London: A Victorian Experience event on Thursday, Dec. 20. Students created building facades and backdrops to transform the auxiliary gym into the streets of London, and they role-played various scenarios while dressed in traditional Victorian clothing.

Parents, students, faculty, and staff were invited to watch the students give short performances reenacting a variety of occupations, including matchstick makers and chimney sweeps. The vignettes highlighted hardships faced by many people in Victorian London, such as dangerous working and living conditions, and wage inequalities, among others.

Students spent more than a month preparing for the day-long event, and their research spanned many different classes, from history to English, drama and science. They practiced scene writing and performance, wrote investigative news stories about topics related to Victorian London, researched various job occupations of that time period, learned about the impact of the industrial revolution, and more.
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