August Neumann ’24 is Middle School Geography Bee Champion

With a field of 13 participants, the 2018 Middle School Geography Bee was a chance for students to showcase their passion and enthusiasm for learning about people and places near and far. Students battled through a variety of geography trivia questions that covered topics from “State Savvy,” to “State Birds,” to “Weird but True,” and “Amazing Animals.”

After 14 rounds, the field was narrowed to four contenders: Cameron Krishnaney ’24, August Neumann ’24, Beckett Stratton ’25, and Anand George ’26. After a particularly challenging global trivia round, Neumann and George emerged as the finalists to enter the championship round, before Neumann was declared the 2019 USM Middle School National Geographic Geography Bee Champion. He will take the 100-question test to become eligible for the Wisconsin State Geography Bee held this spring in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Bee featured a special guest proctor, Thomas Wright ’21, who was the runner-up for the 2017 National Geographic Bee in Washington, D.C.
Championship Questions:

1) Saginaw Bay, a popular summer tourist destination in the state of Michigan, is an inlet of which lake?
Answer: Lake Huron

2) February 2019 marks the start of the Alpine World Ski Championships. This competition will be held in which country that is the most populous in Scandinavia?
Answer: Sweden

3) National Geographic Explorer Ricardo Moreno studies jaguars and human-jaguar conflict in places like Darién National Park, the largest national park in which Central American country?
Answer: Panama

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in this year’s Geography Bee:

5th Grade:
Anand George, Ben Norman, and Charles Slocum

6th Grade:
Jack Gilpin, Mairin Jarvis-Castellano, Keegan Markgraf, and Beckett Stratton

7th Grade:
Ethan Gurney, Cameron Krishnaney, and August Neumann

8th Grade:
Jason Adix, Ian Birchall, and Tenny Okunseri
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