Celebrating Global School Play Day

University of Milwaukee students and teachers in all three divisions participated in Global School Play Day on Wednesday, Feb. 6. While the activities ranged widely based on ages and grades, all play was deliberately screen-free and structure-free. “Unstructured play is a valuable force in children’s lives,” said Emily Tymus Ihrke, Upper School English teacher. “We were excited to have had the opportunity to give our students some time to play.”

Teachers intentionally took a step back from instruction, instead letting the students determine how they wanted to spend the time. Many 9th-grade students played board and card games, while others worked on a Rubik’s Cube and even practiced lassoing. Lower School students built elaborate toy racecar tracks, played board games, and built with LEGOS, while Middle School students built structures with KAPLA blocks, participated in Lego challenges, and more.
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