Azouz Begag Visits Upper School French Students

French writer, sociologist, and politician Azouz Begag visited Upper School French students on Tuesday, March 12. He began the day by meeting with students in the AP French Language and Cultures class, who had recently completed his autobiographical book, “Le Gone du Chaaba.” Students in Intermediate 4 and Intermediate 5 had previously watched the movie, which was based on Begag’s book. Novice students in the first year of French also joined the conversation. He concluded his visit with the Francophone Cultures Club.

Begag’s visit was sponsored in part by the Alliance Française. “We were really excited to welcome Azouz, especially since we have just finished reading his first novel,” said Renee Weber, Upper School French teacher. “Since he has so many public speaking engagements, I feel extremely lucky to have had Mr. Begag in a focused meeting with our students!”

About Azouz Begag
Azouz Begag is a French writer, sociologist, and politician, having served as the first Minister for Equal Opportunities of France. He has written more than 50 books, many of them addressing French ideas of hospitality and issues concerning immigration and identity. Twenty of his books focus on the challenges faced by young French citizens of North African origin and young North African immigrants. Often these young people are caught between the culture of their families and the dominant French culture, between tradition and modernism. Themes of poverty, racism, unemployment, self-destruction, identity, and despair are present in these novels.
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