August Neumann ’24 is Middle School Geography Bee Champion

With a field of 19 participants, the 2020 Middle School Geography Bee was a chance for students to showcase their passion and enthusiasm for learning. through a plethora of questions about people, places, and physical geographical features.

After 14 rounds covering over 185 questions, the field was narrowed to four contenders: Augie Baum '27, Lyle Mondano '24, August Neumann '24, and Beckett Stratton '25. From there, Neumann and Stratton emerged as the finalists to enter the championship round, before Neumann was declared the 2020 USM Middle School National Geographic Geography Bee Champion. He will take the 100-question test to become eligible for the Wisconsin State Geography Bee held this spring in Madison, Wisconsin. Neumann is the defending champion, having won the Middle School geography bee last year.

The Bee featured a special guest proctor, Thomas Wright ’21, who was the runner-up for the 2017 National Geographic Bee in Washington, D.C. and won the Middle School Geography Bee four years in a row.

Championship Question:
Teenager Greta Thurnberg started a global movement bringing attention to climate change when she protested outside of her country’s Parliament House, located in the Gamla Stan district of what Swedish city?
Answer: Stockholm

A special thanks to Will Piper '97, 5th grade world cultural geography teacher for hosting the competition, as well as Middle School social studies faculty Chuck Taft, Michael Matera, and Brian Markwald. Congratulations to all who competed!
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