Dr. Louella Amos ’95 Speaks About the Dangers of Vaping

University School of Milwaukee alumna Dr. Louella Amos ’95 visited Upper School students on Monday, Feb. 3 to talk about the health risks associated with vaping. Amos is a pediatric pulmonologist with Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin and assistant professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin. She, along with a team of doctors at Children’s Hospital, helped uncover the knowledge that vaping may be behind hundreds of serious lung injuries and many deaths across the country.

Amos discussed the history of traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes, and explained to students the dangers of inhaling the unregulated and often undocumented chemicals found in the e-liquid products. She also shared her first-hand experience of treating children with serious lung injuries that resulted from vaping.

Amos encouraged students to reach out to their parents or medical professionals if they think they have a problem and need help stopping. She also encouraged parents to establish open lines of communication with their children, talk openly about vaping and its dangers, and provide support rather than judgement if children admit needing help.
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