Exploring Dance in 4th Grade

Thanks to some creative choreography, 4th grade students were able to flex their dance muscles while maintaining physical distance. Sasha Deveaux, Preschool music teacher, Lower School dance teacher, and Middle School choreomusicology teacher, developed a special dance routine that students could perform together as a class while seated at their desks, which are currently spaced six feet apart. The students practiced the routine for several weeks and recorded a final version recently to be shared with friends and family.

All five classes of 4th grade students filmed performances, for a total of 56 students (with two online). This is the first piece of an “Everyday Composition” series, in which students are encouraged to be makers of dance in every class to improve their skills. “These dances could be considered ‘works in progress’ but in fact, like all art, they are already finished,” said Deveaux. “The imperfections reflect the nature of learning and live performances. Mistakes are opportunities. Many of the themes and ideas evolved this way during the composition process. The camera allows the viewer to be on stage in a manner that he or she would never experience during a live dance concert.”  

The series of works is titled “Fight Songs,” in honor of the fact that students fought through adversity to be back at school. “I love their energy and think they did fantastic with their limited time and resources to produce this diverse body of work,” said Deveaux. “Not everyone is a dancer but they all contributed to the pieces.”
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