Emily Tymus Ihrke Invited to Be gcLi Scholar

Emily Tymus Ihrke, Upper School English teacher and co-coordinator of USM’s PK–12 Ethical Leadership program, has been invited by the Gardner Carney Leadership Institute (gcLi) to participate in the gcLi Scholars Program in June 2021. gcLi scholars are graduates of the gcLi Leadership Lab, which is an annual conference on the campus of the Fountain Valley (Colorado) School where K–12 teachers and administrators from across North America learn how to develop the leadership competencies of their students.

As a scholar, Ihrke will participate in Leadership Lab activities and lead a 45-minute breakout session. Ihrke, along with several other USM teachers and administrators, attended the Leadership Lab in 2015 as part of a Think Big grant in which teachers can apply for funding to engage in professional development opportunities.

“I’ve always loved reading and writing, and being involved in helping young people develop as readers and writers, and especially as thinkers,” said Ihrke. “The truth, though, is that I became a teacher for reasons even bigger than that. I wanted to be a part of helping not only individual students, but also communities, and the American democracy. What better way to be a part of that something bigger than to teach the next generation? And what better way to do that, than to be a teacher of leadership? Now, having benefited so much from gcLi, I’m humbled and honored to be invited back as a scholar. I can’t wait to learn even more, and to share all the work we’re doing here at USM, with other independent-school educators from across the U.S., and beyond.”
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