Students Excel at National History Day Regional Competition

Congratulations to the 55 talented and dedicated University School of Milwaukee students who dedicated a portion of their spring break to participate in the National History Day (NHD) regional competition, held virtually this year. Only 27 projects in total were selected from the southeastern region to move on to the state contest, and USM students claimed 21 of those spots, with six alternates!

This year’s theme was Communication in History: The Key to Understanding. Students were able to compete in five categories: historical papers, websites, documentaries, exhibits, and performances.

“The collective work of our young scholars is very impressive, as they researched and produced impressive projects during difficult times,” said Chuck Taft, 8th grade American studies teacher and History department chair. “We are proud of all of them!” Special thanks to the parents and family members who supported the students, as well as Elaine Griffin, head of Middle School, and Francine Eppelsheimer, Middle School librarian, for their support.

Qualifiers will compete at the state competition virtually, from April 28 to May 10.

Milwaukee North Regional Results (8th Grade):

State Qualifier: Tatiana Marich: 1970s: Working Women and the Pantsuit 
State Qualifier: Aaron Mortara: Telstar 1: The Start of Public Satellite
Alternate: Liam Isaacson: A Lonely Speck In The Great Enveloping Cosmic Dark 

State Qualifier: Alex Frick, Miles Gourlay, and William Reese: America's Bloodiest Day: How Communication Played A Key Role At Antietam 
State Qualifier: Abby Brakefield and Beckett Stratton: The Feminine Mystique; Communicating "The Problem With No Name"
State Qualifier and American Labor History Award: Adriana Banda and Fiona Hernandez: Disney Artists On Strike

State Qualifier: Eva Barth: Fannie Farmer: Women Rising in Society Through Cooking 
State Qualifier: Keegan Markgraf: How Milton Friedman’s Doctrine Accelerated the Decline of America’s Historical Social Foundation

State Qualifier: Aubrey Jayne: Nellie Bly: Uncovering the Horrors at Blackwell's Insane Asylum 
Alternate: M'Johno Foster: Comics and WWll: How Comics Affected Communication During the Second World War 

State Qualifier: Emerson Bentley and Camilla Laterman: The Purple Pamphlet: The Key to Understanding the Johns Committee's Injustices and Its Impact on the LGBTQ Community
State Qualifier: Alexander Karademas, Kiran Siddalingaiah, and Charles Vielehr: Voyager Golden Record: A Sign of our Past and Uncovering the Future 
State Qualifier: Bella Grenier and Sarah Mackey: "They're All Gone": Jim McKay's Terror Filled 1972 Broadcast
Alternate: Paramount Records: Mia Darr and Hannah Liberman: The Key to Understanding Black History and the Foundation of American Music 

State Qualifier: Sophia Torinus, Katherine Wasserman, and Krista Wintersberger: The Hello Girls of WWI: Saying "Goodbye" to Sexist Stereotypes and Unjust Military Recognition
State Qualifier: Lilly Bonnell and Annie Norman: The Lost Stories of the French Resistance 

State Qualifier: Mairin Jarvis Castellano: Voters, Campaigns, Courts, and Media: The Detrimental Impact of Communication in the 2000 Election
State Qualifier: Fred Fitzsimmons: The Battle of Trenton: How Communication Contributed to the Victory that Changed the Course of History  
State Qualifier: Laya Sumithra: Communicating Through Costume: The Bloomers 
Alternate: Lizzy Thurow: Communication Aboard the Titanic: The Success and Failure 

State Qualifier: Sama Daham: End of Dispatch: The Telegram that Changed the World 
State Qualifier: Leia Schaefer: The Failure of the American Press in the Reporting of the Holocaust 
Alternate: Amelia Otjen: The Most Dangerous of All Allied Spies: Virginia Hall 

State Qualifier: Hayden Baum and Dermot More O'Ferrall: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Communicating Civil Rights On and Off the Court 
State Qualifier: Gabe Ciralsky and Nolan Nikolic: Cracking Enigma: The Code that Changed the War 
State Qualifier: Robin Cushman, Summer Pannu, and Bailey Williams: Espionage in the Capitol: The Venona Project
Alternate: Rachel Attanasio and Maria Sellars: Navajo Code Talkers: The Unbreakable Code 
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