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Diversity and Inclusion

University School of Milwaukee is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community for our students, faculty, and staff. This commitment is reflected in our Mission Statement and Guiding Principles, as well as in our Common Trust. Our USM Mission states that we provide “… an exceptional PK—12 independent school education in a supportive, inclusive community built on the foundation of our Common Trust.” Our Common Trust reinforces that we treat everyone at USM with respect, trust, honesty, fairness, and kindness. In addition, our Guiding Principles highlight inclusion in the following statements:

  • The uniqueness of every individual is celebrated.
  • Recognition of and respect for the diversity of backgrounds and experiences is fundamental to building a learning community where students learn to think broadly, critically, and independently.
  • All members of the USM community feel empowered as they live and work equitably together.
  • Students are prepared for the opportunities of a diverse world and are provided with a supportive environment in which to reach their full potential.
However, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is showcased in more tangible ways as well. It is highlighted in our attitudes toward each other that are on display each and every day. It is found in groups such as SEEK (Speak, Engage, Empower, Know) Diversity Committee, which is made up of faculty, staff, students, and parents, and meets monthly to discuss issues of diversity and inclusion. It is reflected in our participation in the National Association of Independent Schools’ (NAIS) People of Color Conference, which our faculty, staff, and students have been regular attendees at over the last 10 years. It is embodied in student groups such as Cultural Club, Global Scholars, Chinese Culture Club, and more. It is displayed through service learning in the greater Milwaukee area, and throughout the world. It is showcased in events like our annual Global Enrichment Fest, which brings authors, foods, customs, and events from around the world to our student body.
At USM, we know that our students can only be truly prepared for college and life if they are exposed to thinking and viewpoints beyond their own. It is with this goal in mind that we dedicate the resources necessary to ensure that our School remains a truly diverse and inclusive environment for everyone in our community.

SEEK Diversity Committee

SEEK's (Speak, Engage, Empower, Know) mission is to cultivate a supportive school community that instills in all members an appreciation for individuals and their diversity. To educate ourselves and others, we ask important questions; gather helpful resources; encourage thoughtful conversations and advocate for increased equity, opportunity, and involvement. To prepare our students for the opportunities of a global and diverse world, our group promotes an inclusive education in a pluralistic setting and makes recommendations for school improvement.
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