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Preprimary Program

Through University School of Milwaukee’s Preprimary Program, children are provided with the building blocks for a bright future at USM and in life. Prekindergarten (age 3), junior kindergarten (age 4), and senior kindergarten (age 5) students are provided with a caring, nurturing, and supportive environment, along with developmentally-appropriate toys, writing tools, dolls, blocks, and other tools, where they learn to work independently and cooperatively.

Each child has his or her own unique needs, experiences, and interests, and our teachers work to instill an early love of learning, which begins to build the basics of language, literacy, communication, and an understanding of community. Our research-based curriculum and methodology are supported by state-of-the-art technology.

Teachers and older students set positive examples for these students by acting in a respectful, fair, and kind way. Our Preprimary Program educators are individuals who have specifically chosen to work with young children and truly enjoy the opportunity to help them grow and develop.

Through music, art, reading, world languages, physical education, and dance, our Preprimary Programs introduce students to a wide variety of experiences, both inside our bright, spacious classrooms as well as outside on our own nature trails and playgrounds.

The USM learning environment incorporates exploration, discovery, and play, since children learn best when they are engaged, intrigued, and having fun. Play, accompanied by the thoughtful planning of our teachers, provides children with constant opportunities to problem solve and develop the skills needed to thrive.

Each child is recognized, included, and cherished in our community, enhancing a sense of belonging. Teachers offer a warm welcome every morning, and parents are valued partners in the classroom.

Classroom activities are thoughtfully designed to spark a child’s natural curiosity. Students are encouraged to explore their passions and interests, inspiring a love for learning that will last for a lifetime.
It's a really easy environment to do your best, because we really encourage kids to have fun and learn through lots of hands-on experiences in a fun environment.
Prekindergarten (age 3) - Grade 12 • Independent • Coeducational
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