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Clubhouse Capers

Clubhouse Capers offers children in grades 2 and 3 the opportunity to participate in two "clubs" each week. Campers begin and end the morning in their grade level homerooms and enjoy activities that investigate the theme of the week through experimentation, art, athletics, creative writing, and more. Select one to six weeks when registering for Clubhouse Capers. Add Discovery Camp PM for a full-day program. Please note that there are no camps on July 4 and 5. Register your child today!
Clubhouse Capers Themes (Grades 2 and 3)
June 17-July 26, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Week 1 June 17-June 21 Geography
It's time for a global extravaganza! Become a map expert and experience our world's water and land in a fun and hands-on way. We'll go on adventures and experience some of the amazing natural wonders across the world.
Fee: $190, $180 by May 10
Myths and Legends
Enjoy wonderful myths and legends as you illustrate, act, and create your own monsters, heroes, fairies, and princesses to tell a new story.
Fee: $190, $180 by May 10
Week 2 June 24-June 28 Kitchen Science
What's the perfect recipe for fun? Perform science experiments using everyday items found at home.
Fee: $190, $180 by May 10
Artful Antics
Your imagination is your guide as you learn about famous artists, draw with nature, and explore a variety of art materials to create original works.
Fee: $190, $180 by May 10
Week 3 July 1-July 3 Road Trip USA!
Celebrate America when we "travel" state to state to learn about and celebrate the USA. Find out interesting state facts and discover cool things to do when we hit the road and discover America!
Fee: $108, $98 by May 10
Wild Things
Cuckoo for creatures? Explore the wild worlds of the rain forests, discover the silly antics of your favorite animals, go on nature walks, and create your very own animal.
Fee: $108, $98 by May 10
Week 4 July 8-July 12 STEM Olympics
Develop your design and building skills when you complete with your friends in S.T.E.M. games and challenges!
Fee: $190, $180 by May 10
Spy School
Do you have what it takes to reach super agent status? Join us this week as we break codes, find clues, and escape the villain! Your missions will test your brain and body.
Fee: $190, $180 by May 10
Week 5 July 15-July 19 Rock and Roll Geology
Discover volcanoes under the sea and learn how earthquakes shape our land. Through hands-on experiments and projects, learn how science rocks!
Fee: $190, $180 by May 10
Space is the Place
Blast off into space and learn about our solar system! Uncover the science behind our galaxy's largest star. Investigate the moon as an astronaut and gaze at our beautiful constellations in the "night sky."
Fee: $190, $180 by May 10
Week 6 July 22-July 26 What's the Matter?
Participate in a variety of hands-on, fascinating experiments as you explore the different states of matter and their properties.
Fee: $190, $180 by May 10
Amazing Race
Do you have what it takes? Are you ready to "travel" the world and compete against friends to see which team is crowned the winner of USM's version of Amazing Race?
Fee: $190, $180 by May 10
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