University School of Milwaukee’s Summer Institute for Academic Advancement offers students focused opportunities to pursue the equivalent of semester‐ and year‐long classes during the summer. Courses are designed for students seeking an in‐depth, quality experience facilitated by University School faculty.

For USM students, grades earned during the summer are included on their USM transcript. Students from other schools will receive a USM transcript with the course name and grade that may be submitted with their college applications or to their high school for credit consideration. Students from other schools who are interested in receiving high school credit for their summer studies need to obtain approval from their high school and submit other supporting documents to the Summer Programs Office prior to being eligible for enrollment. If additional information is needed, please contact the Summer Office for assistance, 414.540.3350. This year’s Summer Institute courses will be online.


List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Course Cancellation

    In the event a course is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, students will be notified by the Summer Programs Office and a full refund will be issued.

    After June 1, there are no refunds for student-elected cancellations of Summer Institute classes.
  • Attendance

    Students must approach their summer studies as they would during the school year and arrive to class on time. If a student is tardy or absent from a class, the following policies apply:
    • Tardiness – Students arriving five minutes after their class begins will be marked tardy. If a student receives two tardies, he or she will receive an absence.
    • Absences – As one day of summer study is the equivalent of almost one week during the school year, students must attend every class. Students are allowed one excused absence for a three‐week course and two excused absences for a six‐week course in the event of an emergency. Additional absences may result in an incomplete and no refund will be issued. Students may not be excused from class to attend sports practices, routine doctor’s appointments, social engagements, or other commitments. It is the student’s responsibility to attend each class. By signing up for a course, you have committed to being available during the course’s scheduled dates and times and anticipate no other conflicting commitments. If you have other plans that will interfere with full attendance, please notify the Summer Programs office.
  • Online Citizenship, Student Behavior, and the Common Trust

    The following code of conduct will apply to students enrolled in summer courses:

    We, the members of the University School community, accept the Common Trust: We agree to relate to one another and the School with respect, trust, honesty, fairness, and kindness.

    USM expects appropriate student behavior that aligns with the Common Trust. This is especially important in the digital world. Students are not permitted to take or post images of other students or teachers without their consent to social media or other platforms. Students are to follow the teacher’s request in regards to camera and microphone use. If a student behaves in an inappropriate manner or engages in academic misconduct, he or she will be removed from the program, receive an incomplete, and no refund will be issued.
  • Engaging and Learning from Home

    Teachers will communicate and post assignments through myUSM, and use Google Meet (or other School approved platforms) to conduct synchronous class meetings. Students should  have their device prepared for participating in class, logged in to myUSM and ready to engage for each class as assigned and scheduled. Teachers will conduct class in a variety of methods. 
  • Workspaces

    Students should have (and parents help their children establish) organized and structured workspaces with access to electronic device, books, materials, and supplies.
    • Dress Code: Students should dress comfortably and casually for online classes. Please wear no clothing with alcohol, drug, violent, or sexual references.
    • Routines: It is important for students to establish routines and norms around the academic day. Regular sleeping and waking times, times to exercise outside, times for activity away from screens, and regular and appropriate nutrition are all necessary for happy and healthful living.
    • Parental Support: Parental support is encouraged and can be beneficial in ensuring student success. It is important for students to consciously and physically separate work time from social time.
  • Homework and Assessments

    Students must consult the course syllabus, posted on the myUSM Bulletin Board, for expectations and grading policy, and their myUSM Assignment Page to follow homework assignments and assessment due dates. In addition to their studies in the online classroom, students can expect to complete homework, per their teacher’s syllabus.  If a student needs to complete make‐up work as a result of an excused absence, due dates for all assignments and assessments will remain the same. A student must bring in his or her completed work for both the day of his or her absence and the day of his or her return. Students are to strictly follow teacher directions and expectations when completing online assessments. The Common Trust is more important than ever in a digital, online classroom when it comes to assessments.
  • Evaluations (Grades and Comments)

    All students will receive written comments and grades upon completion of the course. Grades will appear on the official transcript in late August.
  • Technology, Supplies, and Books

    Students need an electronic device and internet access. For some courses, students will be asked to pick up their book(s) and first assignment the week before the course begins. Information regarding pick‐ups will be emailed.

    Technology Help
    Please use the USM Technology Help Desk Support link for all technology help questions. A member of that team will respond as soon as possible.
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