2019-20 Honor Roll of Donors

Thank you to all the parents, alumni, parents of alumni, faculty, staff, trustees, and community members who have already made their annual gift during the 2019-20 school year. USM would not be able to operate without the generous support of our community. On behalf of everyone at University School, thank you.
Anonymous Donors
Heidi K. Abraham
Matthew and Samantha Adey
Drs. Aboud Affi and Camellia Eshoa Affi
Drs. Venkata V. Anne and Jyothi Veeramachaneni
Vicki and Bill Ardern
Mr. Christopher D. Armbrust '16
Cameron and Julie Kasten Art '91
Mr. Anton W. Asmuth IV '90
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford M. Asmuth '66 & '68
Dr. and Mrs. Richard H. Aster
Ms. Sharon Austin '84
Mr. Robert L. Auxer MCDS'60
Ms. Cheryl A. Bair
Mark and Sue Baker
A. Bakkum
Jeff and Anne Ballentine
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ballentine
Carla and Burt Bartlett '78 & '74
Timothy and Brenda Bartz
Mrs. Nancy M. Bauer MDS'46
Diann and Thomas Baumann '72
Donna and Donald W. Baumgartner MCDS'49
Mr. John V. Beadle
Heather and Charles Bechthold
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Beck MCDS'55
Mr. Keith A. Behnke '77
Dr. Robert H. Bell '71
Mr. Robert N. Bell II '87
Mr. Earl Benjamin and Ms. Kathy A. Edwards Benjamin
Mr. Thomas B. Bergen
Mr. Eric Beringause and Ms. Sarocha Channa
Steven Bertucci
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Beyer
Prof. and Mrs. Rakesh K. Bhala '80
Mr. and Mrs. Jon W. Biorkman
Mr. Gordon M. Black MCDS'63
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Blake
Mrs. William C. Blanchard MDS'52
Mrs. Laura Blanchet
Ms. Elizabeth Blank MDS'51
Mr. Eric Blashka and Mrs. Sara M. LeBrun-Blashka
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bloch
Jim and Nancy Bolton
Ms. Gina Bongiorno and Mr. Travis Freitag
Bevin '95 and John Bonnell
Melanie and Steven Booth
Heidi and Greg Borca
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Boyd
Mr. Joel R. Brazy '77
Karen Bremer
Suzy and John Brennan MCDS'53
Mr. Jonathan E. Bridge '78
Mrs. Allison D. Brodin '01
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Brown
Mrs. Barbara Brown Lee MDS'58
Margaret and Peter Browne
Stephen J. Bruemmer
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Brush '85
Mr. John D. Bryson Jr. '77
Richard Buchband and Betsy Rosenblum
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Buening
Mr. Alfred P. Buettner '66
Ms. Linda Bunkfeldt-Popp '71
Mr. Peter T. Burke '04
Mr. and Mrs. Evan Burlew '93
Dr. Charles A. Cahill III MCDS'47
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Carey
John and Julie Carpenter MCDS'56 & MDS'57
Mr. David M. Carter '71
Drs. Greg Carter and Natasha Borges Suglyama
The Cermak Family
Dr. Christopher Chan '00
Mrs. Peter D. Chang '70
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Charmoli
Mr. Jason Jennings Chase '90
Fengchi Chen
Mr. Lei Chen and Mrs. Lingrong Song
Mr. Michael I. S. Chester '79
Kathryn Choren
Mr. Jeffrey A. Christiansen '04
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ciralsky
Judy Clegg
Ms. Dawn Coleman
Douglas R. Coleman III
Mrs. David F. Conley MDS'56
Mark Conner
Mrs. Marlene Connor
Ms. Jodi R. Connors
Dorothy and Fred Cowley MUS'54
Mrs. George R. Crane '66
Mrs. Samantha B. Crownover '87
Mr. and Mrs. Lin Cubbison
Mr. Derk W. Cullinan '92
Mr. James Curry and Dr. Eugenia-Daniela Hord
Stuart and Susan Cushman
Sylvester and Laura Cutler
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Dahlman '92
Dr. and Mrs. William H. Dantzler MUS'53
Dr. and Mrs. Omar Darr
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Darrow '86
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Darrow Jr. MDS'59
Mr. Adil Daruwala and Mrs. Sona Chawla
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Davidson MCDS'45
Mr. and Mrs. Don H. Davis Jr.
Nicola and Emilio De Torre
Cristina de Vizcarrondo
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Deitch
Kate and F.R. Dengel '83
Mrs. Mary Dengel
Mr. and Mrs. Stephane Dermond
John Comissiong and Sasah Deveaux
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dodson '81
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Domagalski
Christina Dresang
Mr. Charles G. Drum MCDS'62
Dr. and Mrs. Dugan
The Dunning Family
The Dupee Family
Joe and Jen Eason
Mrs. Tara T. Eaton '66
Mr. and Mrs. William Edstrom Jr.
Mr. Gregory Ehlers '65
Tim and Jamaica Eilbes
Mr. and Mrs. William Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Albert C. Elser II '65
Mr. Hackett K. Emory '79
Mr. Todd J. Endres and Ms. Kara E. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Beau Engman
The Engroff Family '96
Francine Eppelsheimer
Dr. and Mrs. Horacio Espinosa
Mrs. Suzy B. Ettinger
Ms. Carolyn A. Evans MDS'52
Mr. Theodore E. Fajen III '73
Mr. William A. Fajen '75
Mrs. Lynn H. Ferguson '68
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Fischer
Jennifer and Tom Florsheim '76
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Florsheim Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ford
Don and Jean Forti
Mr. Jim Fox and Ms. Terry Marino
Mr. Thomas H. Frentzel MCDS'52
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart G. Friend '65
Ms. Claudia Fritz and Ms. Alisha Campbell
Molly and David Fritz '80 & '81
Laura and Tom Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fultz
Mr. John R. Furrer MCDS'45
Kate and Bruce Gay
Mrs. Susan Gebhardt MUS'58
Anne Hamilton and Fred Geilfuss '71
Mr. Frederick M. Geimer
Mrs. Gregg C. Gibson '66
Ms. Margaret H. Gile '67
Julie and Brian Gilpin
Mr. Praveen S. Goday and Mrs. Thangam Venkatesan
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Gold
Katie Gonring
Mr. Andy Gordon '98
Natalia and Patrick Goris
Dr. and Mrs. Evan M. Graboyes '03
Hon. Lindsey Grady '91
Ms. Shirley Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Trent Graham
Mr. Joseph C. Gratz '98
Rene and Marshall Gratz
The Michael M. Grebe Family '85
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Grebe
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Greenway
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Gridley
Elaine Griffin and Mike Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. John Grisson
Mr. Barry Grossman and Ms. Gail Lione
The Guy Family
Paul M. Haberland Ph.D. MCDS'53
Dr. Malekeh Hakami
Bonnie Halcomb
Ms. Kristi Hall
Mr. Douglas H. Hamilton '67
Jane F. Hamilton '70
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Hammes
Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Hansen '74
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Harned '89
Mr. and Mrs. Troy T. Hartjes
Mr. and Mrs. Gavin Hattersley
Troy and Gina Haughton
Charlie Hauske '12
Harriette Hauske '14
Sarah and T.J. Hauske '08
Hauske Family Foundation
Ms. Deanna Hausmann
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Herzberg
Robert and Jayne Heun
Mrs. Emlee Hilliard-Smith '70
Stephen D. and Dr. Anne Z. Hoch
Claire Burghardt Hodge MUS'62
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Hoffman II MUS'56 & MDS'56
Randy and Valerie Hopper
Mr. and Mrs. William Hopper
Mr. Luke Houdek
Erin and Charlie '02 Housiaux '02
John and Kathy Housiaux '68
Mrs. Laura P. Howell '81
Mr. John H. Hu and Mrs. Ying Xia
Ms. Katherine U. Hubbard MDS'49
Mrs. Heidi Huebsch Anderson '70
Tracy Huffman
Mrs. Sarah G. Hull '79
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Iannacone
Ms. Sue Idleman
Ms. Emily and Dr. Douglas Ihrke
Ms. Susan L. Inbusch '70
Jennifer L. Iorio
Ms. Jessica Iverson
Jill and Kip Jacobs '74
Mr. Robert L. Jacobs '78
Mr. William C. Jacobs '81
Dennis and Nancy Jaeger
Ms. Kelly Jake Rios
Mrs. Jennifer M. Jansen '84
Greg and Kristin Janssen
Robert & Suzanne Jeffers
Sarah and Jeff Joerres
Mrs. Marilyn John
Linda and Steve Johnson
Mr. Todd J. Johnson '89
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Jones
Mr. Eric A. Jordahl '78
Debbie and Mike Judge
Mr. Matthew K. Junker '85
Bob and Trish Juranitch
Mr. Gary Kasper
Mr. Kurtis L. Verheyen and Mrs. Elina Kats
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Keay MUS'51
Jane and Patrick Keily
John and Patti Keller
Ms. Allison E. Kelsey '84
Mary Jo & John Kendall
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kessler
Maryglen and Rob Kieckhefer '67
Peter S. Kies
Ms. Heidi Kiesler '79
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Kim
Mrs. Elizabeth Kirby '76
Mrs. Arlene L. Klavins
Mr. Robert W. Klavins '98
Dr. John M. Knapp
Debra and Steven Koenig
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Konkol
Mrs. Stacy Krikorian Daniel '79
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Krull
Mr. Robert C. Krumme MUS'64

Mr. Frederic S. La Croix MCDS'51
Mr. John C. Ladky '70
Patricia Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Laskin MCDS'45
Ms. Tiffini Lawrence '93
Ms. Jennifer A. Lazewski '83
Drs. Marc and Sri Lazzaro
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Lee '81
Mr. Robert L. LeFeber '74
Sally Hamilton Lensink '73
Brenda and Matt Levatich
Neuman and Avis Leverett
Joshua and Monica Liberatore
Mrs. Richard H. Lillie MDS'40
Dr. Kristen and Mr. Kevin Linzmeier
Mr. John Lofgren and Ms. Sarah Erdmann
Mr. Jesse R. Long '93
Janet Loos MDS'59
Mr. Theodore M. Loos '87
Ms. Katherine Lott
Madeleine and David Lubar
Joan Lubar and John Crouch '77
Marianne and Sheldon Lubar
Nancy and Joe Lucas
Ms. Kathryn R. Lunney '67
Mrs. Melvin Lurie
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell W. MacDonald
Ann Ross MacIver MDS'52
Marna Hanson MacLean MDS'57
Mr. Douglas M. MacNeil MCDS'57
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Maehl
Dr. Gregory Marks
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Martin
Mr. Francisco J. Martinez II '98
John W. Mason M.D. MCDS'56
Dr. Robert J. Mason MCDS'58
Mr. Burgess McMillian
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Megal
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Mellowes '87
Nancy and Joe Messinger '66
Mr. William F. Messinger MCDS'63
Ms. Camela M. Meyer '80
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Meyers
Mr. Thomas Michaud
Jessica and Jason Michels
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Miller
Mr. James R. Miller '67
John and Brigid Miller
Scott F. Miller (Colonel, US Army Retired) '68
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Millheiser
Mrs. Robert E. Mims MDS'54
Dr. and Mrs. Lynn Miner
Mr. and Mrs. Vladimir Minus
Ms. Natasha R. Misra '04
Jackie Mitchell
Mr. Benjamin A. Mixter MCDS'63
Mia Moe
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mondano
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Moon '72 & '72
Dr. and Mrs. Dermot More O'Ferrall
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morel
Holly Morse
Dr. Mohammad Mortada and Ms. Manal Roumani
Mr. and Mrs. Justin L. Mortara
Jock and Linda Mutschler
Dr. Donald B. Nadler MCDS'64
Vanessa and Andrew Nerbun
Ms. Elizabeth A. Nestler '98
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Newton
Heather and Nick Nielsen '99
Melissa Nollie
Brian and Amy Norman
Mr. James H. Norris
Lisa and Ken Nowakowski
Mr. James G. O'Reilly '78
Jill Oemichen
Dr. and Mrs. Chris Okunseri
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Omer '91
Mr. and Ms. James R. Ortiz
Michael Ostermeyer
Mr. Darrell Oyer and Mrs. Connie Findlay-Oyer
Janet and Nick Padway
Mrs. Elizabeth Parker
Mr. Nick Parmelee
Mr. Daniel J. Pelech '03
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Pelzek
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Perez
Elizabeth Perry
John and Jillane Persch
Peter Family
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Petersen
Ms. Stacy A. Peterson
Mrs. Rorie J. Petri Rickard '99
Wendy and Andrew Petzold
Mr. Alexander Pezewski and Mrs. Kirsten Fagerland Pezewski
Mr. Patrick W. Philipp '94
Peter Pierson '68
Candy and Bruce Pindyck
Barbara and Donald Piper
Mrs. Jean Plum
Mr. Harold P. Pohl '92
Mr. and Mrs. Michel F. Pokel
Rainer and Amy Prawitz
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Price
Mr. John M. Prinz MUS'62
Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Prising
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Ptak
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Puetz
Drs. Thomas R. Puetz and Melinda Bonilla-Puetz
Mr. H. Richard Quadracci '82
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Quadracci '87
Kathryn Quadracci Flores M.D. '85
Dr. and Mrs. Ismail Quryshi
Mr. Austin Ramirez and Mrs. Heather Van Vugt Ramirez
Mrs. Barbara Dreazy Ramp '78
Mr. James Rankin and Ms. Jennifer Dable
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Raymond
Mr. Alexander R. Read '73
Alice E. Read '72
Lisa and Tom Read '75
Mary and Ross Read '69
Mrs. Sheila M. Reckmeyer '82
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Reily
Hannah and Mathew Reimer
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Reimer
Mr. and Mrs. Noah Rickun
Mr. Lee A. Riordan
Grace '08 and Andrew '04 Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. Jay H. Robertson '70 & '72
Joan Roberts Robertson MUS'34
Buddy and Catherine Robinson
Perry and Sarah Robinson
Mr. Lee A. Rochwerger '65
Maria Rodriguez
Kathleen Roebber
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Rose MCDS'59 & MDS'59
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Roulette '88
Mr. Charles R. Ruemelin
Mrs. Sara E. Ruemelin
Mrs. Pamela G. Rupright '84
Ms. Nora Sachs
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Sacks
Paul and Laurie Salerno
Dr. Isabela Sardas-Trevorrow
The Schad Family
Douglas L. Schadewald '07
Mrs. Cynthia S. Schaffner '68
Todd Schlenker and Sue Bolly
Janell Schmidt
Robert M. Schmidt MCDS'56
Mr. and Mrs. William Schmus
Mr. Richard A. Schnell and Mrs. Mary Wehrle-Schnell
Tim and Linda Schuh
Mr. Carl W. Schwarz MCDS'53
Shelly and Dick Seesel
Robert & Bonnie Seidel
Mr. Donald L. Seidler MUS'50
Douglas and Pamela Seiler
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Selander
Bill and Julie Sellars
Mrs. Claire Seng-Niemoeller '75
Drs. Om and Rajni Sharma
Ms. Teri S. Shaughnessy '75
Mr. Sanjay and Dr. Vijayalakshmi Shetty
Mrs. Stanford Sheyer MDS'53
Mr. Sachin M. Shivaram '99
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Short '79
Mr. James G. Shovers '11
Dain and Ellen Shuler
Robert Silberman '68
Drs. Jack and Kirsten Simanonok
Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Sisk
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Sisk Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Skowlund
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M. Smith '67
Greg and Nancy Smith
Christy and Mike Smith MCDS'62
Mr. William H. L. Smythe Jr. MCDS'52
Dr. and Mrs. C. John Snyder MDS'55
Mr. Stephen F. Sokol '82
Oyvind and Susan Lubar Solvang '76
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Sommers
Dr. Veronica Sosa
Ms. Sasha R. Stadler '08
Cynthia and Daniel Steffes
Jon and Becca Steinbach
Mr. Andy Stephens and Ms. Jane Kim
Mrs. Linda F. Stephenson MDS'59
Mr. Tyler S. Stevens '84
Mr. Daniel E. Stocking MCDS'59
Maria and Andrew Stone
Ms. Diane E. Stratton '87
Anne and Fred Stratton MCDS'57
Rick Stratton ('92) and Keri Sarajian
Dr. and Mrs. Rick Strickroot
Mr. and Mrs. Ben E. Suran
Michael And Whitney Sweet
Mr. David M. Tacke '72
Cathy and Chuck Taft
Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Caroline Tauscher
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Tennessen
Mr. Christopher G. Terris '08
Dr. Richard V. Teschner MCDS'60
Patrick and Brooke Tevlin
Quincy and Morrie Tharps
Mr. Ken Thompson and Ms. Judith F. Collier Thompson
Ms. Peggy C. Thompson '67
Mr. Andrew Thomson
Ms. Sarah G. Titus '00
Mr. Craig Curtis and Mrs. Krista Tokarz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tollefsen MDS'64
Mrs. Kathryn C. Tomasini '93
Mr. David F. Toser MUS'55
Mr. Carl R. Triebs MUS'46
Mr. John A. Tuteur '65
C. Fred Tyner M.D. MUS'59
Julia and David Uihlein '68 & '67
Ms. Kathryn A. Van Dyke '75
Mr. Kenneth F. Van Till MUS'56
Ellen and Bob Venable
Ann and Steve Villeneuve
Diane Goes Vogel MDS'40
Leah and Joe Wabiszewski
Mrs. Rachel A. Wagner '02
The Barth Walczak Schleicher Family
Mr. Simon Wallace and Ms. Alison J. Siemon
Mary Lee K. Walloch '67
Dr. and Mrs. Ronggang Wang
Dr. and Mrs. Greg Watchmaker
Renee Weber
Susan and William A. Wernecke Jr.
The Werner Family
Mrs. Jill Werner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Whealon
Drs. Michael Wheeler and Deborah McNear
Ms. Mary Lovejoy Whistler '73
Cathy and Michael White
Jean and Sammis White
Ms. Christine L. Wilmanns '79
Carmen and Gene Witt
Midge Woodward
Mr. Charles F. Wright Jr. '04
Ellen L. Wright MUS'60
Mr. William E. Wuesthoff MUS'52
Dr. and Mrs. Albert S. Yee
Susan Bell Zarwell '87
Leandra Zdrojewski
Drs. Joseph and Jessica Zenga
Dr. and Mrs. Huimin Zhao
Mrs. Nancy Zickus
Steve and Sarah Zimmerman '92
Paul and Jennifer Zwief
As of 12.20.2019

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